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We have a catio for our cat.

We used to have outdoor cats when I was a kid (not my choice and my mom didn't know better at the time, she is more environmentally aware now). We had 1 get hit by a car, 1 poisoned, and 1 beaten to death by some psycho (vet said the trauma was indicative of blunt force but not what would be expected if a car hit him) all in a period of two weeks and after years without incident.

Even if you don't care about the environment please keep your cats inside for their own sake.

Also, in many towns if your cat (or dog) has killed native wildlife the town is allowed to seize your pet and euthanize it or rehome it in addition to fining you. Just as you are held legally responsible for your pet attacking a person you can also be held legally responsible when they attack a non-pet animal. As an example robins are protected under the Migratory Bird Protection Act, killing robins can apparently result in a fine of up to $15,000 and up to 2 years in prison. I doubt a judge would throw the book at you for your cat killing a robin, but they'd be well within their rights to fine you $500; as an acquaintance of mine discovered when his cat killed a robin at his neighbor's bird feeder and the neighbor caught it on camera and reported it. The cat was not euthanized, but they were told any future reports would result in the cat being seized and then either killed or rehomed depending on a behavioral evaluation.


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It's not a routine thing. I'm 30 and it's only happened once. I had a bad stomach flu and sneezed. I'd had no cramping, no pressure, absolutely no indication that I had to use the bathroom. And then... yeah.

And when it happens it unfortunately doesn't politely keep it's distance.


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I wipe front-to-back, but I'm not gonna pretend that never once in my entire life has my hand slipped or that I've never shat myself. It's not a daily occurrence by any means, but a rare unfortunate incident.

Edit: people really gonna downvote the fact that if you have diarrhea and shit yourself that the shit doesn't politely keep it's distance?


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No, I'm saying that once in a rare while I misjudge the size of my own ass and as I reach behind myself to get my hand into the front-to-back wipe position I accidentally brush the paper against myself and end up wiping a small amount towards my labia.

I can promise you that it's not an intentional thing and isn't a frequent happening. And results in me washing myself with soap and water ASAP.

Can you honestly say your hand hasn't slipped even once in your entire life? Or that you never shat yourself in which case it kinda gets everywhere?


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We pee out of that area and poop comes from nearby, any woman claiming that poop has literally never touched her labia is lying. We really try to avoid it, it can cause infections when contact is made, but no honest woman can say it hasn't happened.

Just as nobody can claim they've never gotten a bit of shit on their hand wiping. It's not a frequent event, the toilet paper tears or your hand slips and suddenly your knuckle is befouled. You are disgusted and wash extra thoroughly and move on with your life.

Edit: I thought based on my comment it was clear that getting poop by the vagina was not a normal daily thing but rather a rare occurrence. I should have been more clear, if a woman is wearing underwear and shits herself that shit is likely going to touch her labia. It happens, hopefully not often, but it happens. Or sometimes while moving my hand to the front-to-back wipe position my hand slips and I accidentally wipe back-to-front a bit... idk maybe like twice a year that'll happen? Maybe I'm just uncoordinated though.


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Government cheese is a thing if you're on WIC, since pregnant women need a good diet the government just hands out some food if the woman is low-income, one of those foods being 'government cheese'.

I guess in some states they also give Native Americans government cheese? Seems odd "heyy we stole your land and genocided your people, here's some apology cheese" 🤷.

From what I've been told the cheese comes in an unsliced block and varies in quality. Like I've been told in many states the government cheese is disgusting. In NY though it's better than Boar's Head, best American cheese I've ever eaten.


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My dude, I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken at once (impacted), it should not hurt that bad still a week out.

I think you might have an infection/dry socket. If you smoked, used a straw, sucked on a lollipop even, you very likely have dry sockets and need to go back to the oral surgeon for treatment, or its just gonna keep getting worse.


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I didn't mean it to be condescending, I was hoping a bit of harshness might wake OP up to the fact that their dog could have been seriously injured or killed. I mean here they are complaining that the neighbors saw them in their PJs when they should be beyond grateful that they got lucky and the neighbors didn't see them crying over their dead pet.

I don't think OP is a bad person, but they really need to wake up before it's too late and something tragic happens; if they don't they'll have to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives. And I don't want that for OP or their dog, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.


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I think the looks were less over you wearing pjs and more that you're throwing shit at your dog trying to get it to listen. Maybe you should try actually training your dog like a responsible owner?

My dog has known to come when she's called since she was 4 months old; I've called her back when she's chasing deer and she instantly breaks off the chase to run over to me. It can save your dogs life and training literally takes 20 minutes a day. And yes, I've even worked with huskies, they learn just as fast, I just use play as the reward instead of food with them (and other hyper breeds) since they tend to view you throwing a ball as infinitely more rewarding than a piece of cheese/hotdog. They'll do anything in their power to get you to throw a toy for them.

If you don't have a spare 20 mins a day than damn, I feel really bad for your dog. If you don't have 20 minutes a day to interact with them they must be really lonely.

Edit: Guess I'm being downvoted by people who'd rather have a seriously injured/dead dog than take 20 mins a day to work with that dog.

Edit2: I may have been harsh, but I feel like OP isn't taking the risk to their dog's safety seriously. Here they are, complaining the neighbors saw them in their PJs, seemingly without realizing how lucky they are that their dog wasn't killed. As an owner it is OP's responsibility to keep their dog safe, and that includes basic training. I'm not trying to be rude or condescending but OP needs some sense shaken into them before something tragic happens and it's too late. I've had a dog get hit when I was a kid, it's absolutely awful to lose your best friend like that (not to mention how awful it is for the poor dog). I sincerely don't want OP to have to learn that pain firsthand before they realize how important training is.