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Don't worry, wanting to talk about your work is only natural, that desire is pretty overlapping with the desire to make and share it in the first place. Doesn't make you a narcissist.

I feel like the stone and tree stuff should probably be in the story itself, but yeah it's quite the leap from here to that epilogue.

I like the idea of his little shrine slowly building into an orphanage again. Lots of places this story could develop into. It's nice.

Stella and her divine dad patron. Love it.


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Slow methodic thuds hit the ground, eyes slowly drawn towards me. Sarah gasped, "Alex, did you-"
"From the moment I understood the weakness of my flesh," I interrupted. "It disgusted me. I craved the strength and certainty of steel. I aspired to the purity of the blessed machine."
John rolled his eyes, "of course he's doing a bit."
"Your kind cling to your flesh, as if it will not decay and fail you," I said, my hands dramatically wide.
"you think he's gonna do the whole thing?" Matt whispered to the others.
"One day, the crude biomass you call a temple will wither, and you will beg my kind to save you."
"He's a theater kid," Sarah bit back. Simply waiting me out.
"But I am already saved, for the machine is immortal..." John sighed. "Even in death, I serve the omnissiah."

"Are you done?" He asked in exasperation. I just nodded.
"So you're a robot now?" Matt asked as he admired my new metallic form. "Data spirit." "What's that?" "A form of mind spirit that specialises in possessing computers and shit," Sarah frowned, "that's a thing?" I shrugged, "god-man said we could become anything. I took the offer," a few glances all around. "So why a robot? You're not planning to go all skynet on us are you?" She ribbed. "She asked the ardent transhumanism advocate," I said with a small smile. "This is simply taken to the logical extreme so I thought, why not skip the middle steps? I get to be fantasy skynet without the genocide and that's both awesome and overpowered." "You sure you can handle all the programmy-computery multitasking bits?" John asked skeptically, I smiled. "That's the neat part about being a type of mind spirit..."


Not my best work, but it's good enough considering I wrote it on fumes.