Attrm t1_j6k5qw2 wrote

Like you said, I'm sure there's a lot of valid points about HBO Warner or whatever it's called these days not doing the show any favors. My wife and I honestly didn't even know S3 of Tuca and Bertie started to release episodes weekly until it was like 6 weeks in.

That being said, I think it sidesteps a bigger reason for the show being cancelled, and I'm saying this as someone who loved S1 of Tuca and Bertie and thought S2 was pretty good, but S3 of the show was a huge step down. It felt like they ran out of ideas fast and didn't know what to do with the characters and leaned on making things wackier and wackier to the point where the humor stopped being relatable and just felt weird for weirdness sake. Honestly not sure I'd be all that excited about a S4 even if it wasn't cancelled.