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Lots of places have wildflower seeds— you can find lists from Wild Ones for instance or your local UMass Cooperative Extension.

These lists are only good if you understand your growing conditions (shade, sun, soil type), and how much work you want to do to establish and maintain them i.e. watering, weeding, thinning.

Here’s a good list of resources:

I’ve had great luck growing Purple Coneflower from seed (if you’re looking for something easy to both start and maintain). Sunflower is also super easy to grow and will flower in one growing season.

In general starting from seed can be tricky — it helps to have a weed-free bed and to start them in late fall so that they establish themselves early in the spring.

If you plan to direct sow them now, you should look for varieties that do not require cold stratification (periods of freezing and thawing). Also you shouldn’t expect flowering until next year (or late summer/early fall) if you plan on starting perennials. There aren’t a whole lot of plants that will do much in their first season, other than annuals.


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Fogo de Chao has a brunch that’s kind of an experience. They have the whole market table with fruits, meats, cheeses, plus waffles and made to order omelets. Then if you’re feeling carnivorous, you can get the rodizio service (endless grilled meats). The mimosas are great too. Also they take reservations, which I would recommend.


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I always stress about what to wear to conferences and industry events, but then I go and people (well, women) dress in all kinds of stuff. Dresses, pantsuits, cardigans with dress pants, blouse tucked into pants or knee-length skirt.

I’ve noticed that omen in their 20s and 30s seem the most conservative—lots of pantsuits or blazers and pants. Older (than that) dress less conservatively— wacky tops, dresses, big heels. I think once you’re at a higher level professionally, you can take more chances with your wardrobe.

Men seem to stick to the usual button down, blazer, or work swag with dress pants.

So I’d say, wear what you feel most comfortable in, but maybe grab a blazer or nice cardigan to layer — you never know if someplace will blast the AC.