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The strike here isn't about paying teachers. It's a strike by service workers - cafeteria workers, bus drivers, custodians and special education assistants - for their wages to be increased. Teachers are striking in solidarity, but not for their own wages.

I think that the service workers deserve to be paid a living wage as well, but it's not correct to call this a strike to get teachers paid a living wage.


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Lots of people commenting on how it's sad, but my first thought was "it's the anniversary of me killing my mortal enemy. Time to piss on his grave again. Hah!"

Probably... Not what you were going for, but great gif, OP!


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Yes. Never seen anything else in the series and this one was a stand-alone that didn't require any extra information. Apparently there are some references to other episodes (B.A.N. is apparently a running gag of a fake network), but the episode itself doesn't require any other knowledge.

FWIW, my search algorithm has been all kinds of odd since watching it. I guess I'm not the typical Atlanta viewer, so now the algorithm doesn't know what to throw at me.