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Not sure about odd or even numbers but potatoes technically reproduce via triploid seeds, triplets instead of pairs of chromosomes. It is why you almost never see actual potato seeds for sale because it is the work of a lifetime to actually breed stable genetics in something like that. I think there may be one or two named seed varieties, usually they are grown from "seed potatoes" which are just potatoes or root tubers, that can sprout. They aren't actual seeds. When they sprout the leaves produce enough energy to produce more potatoes thus repeating the cycle.


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This only works with a well insulated house otherwise you end up just spending extra money for your system to fight itself,that said I'm insanely jealous, and want to reinsulate my e tire house so I can even dream of doing something like that.


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Doesn't this contribute to a weaker less dense tree? I know sequoia if allowed to grow in full sun from seed will grow too tall too fast and cannot support their own weight and fall over. Is this not a risk in a scenario like this as well?