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Zion isn't really known for snow, or trees, but I was lucky enough to capture both in this photo. Living just outside the park, I've been able to experience the magic of winter here in the park. And if you know where to look, these crazy trees that are growing out of the rocks make for a stunning mid ground in your photos!


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Death Valley is such a beautiful place with some amazing sand dunes. One of the dunes I visited in the park were some of the most remote and least visited. If you're interested in seeing my journey out there, you can check out my YouTube video:


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Exploring some of Central Utah's very best slot canyons in the afternoon light. While the principle of every canyon is the same — 2 walls and a narrow walkway — each canyon offers different curves and textures. You can literally spend your whole life photographing these canyons and just barely scratch the surface.


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During the winter, high elevation Bryce Canyon is cold and snowy. Most visitors would never know, since the park sees the bulk of traffic in the summer. Worth a stop next time you're coming through Utah in the winter!

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I love seeing the beautiful rays of light coming through the forest, especially when I'm out there helping my clients get some amazing shots on my workshops. This was from this year's Southern Oregon Coast and California Redwoods Workshop. Want to see something like this and learn how to take a photo like this one? Join me next year:

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On a backpacking trip in the Enchantments a few years ago, we were expecting to get "trace" amounts of snow overnight. Little did we know, we'd wake up to nearly a foot of snow. Watching two seasons collide was an absolutely incredible experience.

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