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My wife hasn't used ice for cramps, she used these after giving birth. That area is pretty sore for women after passing a whole human being through. Something that they don't really tell you about ahead of time, women can't go to the bathroom normally for weeks after giving birth.


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After giving birth, that area is extremely sore, sensitive, and many women have stitches. These are like ice packs to soothe that area. Frida Mom is a fantastic brand and has a whole package of things needed for new moms.

I ended up DIY making a bunch of these for my wife by putting witch hazel on pads and then freezing them.


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Those two statements are in contradiction. It looks like a typo. It says that Russian oil imports were up only 28%. I think the second bullet is meant to say that the US doubled it's oil imports in total, not just from Russia.

Also what website is that from? There's no source information, just a cropped screenshot. That's pretty bad evidence for a science subreddit


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It's important to distinguish between natural virus accidentally infecting a person vs an engineered virus, designed to kill people.

The right are still pushing the narrative that the virus was engineered in a lab specifically to kill people. Also that Fauci funded it.

No organization has concluded that that is realistic. The only conclusions being drawn are that there is a possibility, with a low confidence, that a natural virus being studied in a lab accidentally infected one of the scientists studying it.


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I don't really have a problem with military spending because it pays my bills.

I think the real problem is when military equipment is given to local police. That's the problem that is causing democracy in the US to fail.


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Yea, your little gun is no match for the United States military and their dones.

The thing that has saved the United States is that the military cannot be used on American soil against American citizens. The military takes that very seriously and that's why they rejected Trump on multiple occasions when he told them to attack Americans.