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Our nation really isn't manufacturing much they keep sending jobs overseas to maximize profit. Furthermore, the warehouses are build to hold the items we'll consume and throw away every year or two.

I am glad to see clothing and shoe companies gaining popularity because some people want quality clothes that last and can be repaired.

A way to fight warehouses is buy local, buy handmade, buy repairable.


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I know cost is a major factor for consumers but could batteries not be the new glass or aluminum? If we built out recycling systems as time goes on, a quick battery change (even for an EV) wouldn't be that bad if the tradeoff is the end of fossil fuels in transportation.

Of course that's if the material can be recycled safely instead of it being a consumable with no value post-consumer.


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I'll leave this here, it's just not true.


Edit: also, were the country supplying the drug gangs across the border, who else will give them an endless stream of guns, it's incredibly irresponsible to just say it's consequences of having guns as a right, I believe it's a much bigger issue than gun owners are willing to admit.