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However their service has been recorded, that is the issue here. Meticulous records of troops and service were kept, through logs, diaries and other records. We have absolutely unfathomable amounts of data from the period, hence so many documentaries and historical books upon the era.

The people may not be alive, but the records are very much intact. While people were very much racist, they were still very happy recording every detail.


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It is the fact that we continue to ignore the importance of services of minority populations in those events. It would take literally no effort to acknowledge them, and yet 80 years on and we still are only just managing to give some begrudging credit (and even then not much in books). Yet the documentation is all there, meticulous.

When the easy work hasn't been done for decades, it speaks volumes about the hard work.


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There's literally loads of minority groups that were in the wars that are ignored or only slowly being brought up like this now. Aboriginal units on the Australian front who were never properly acknowledged, African American soldiers who were never honoured. We could do the right thing and put these people in the books where they belong, rather than bury our heads in the sand. I don't see how it's a bad thing? I mean, doesn't it just show we can be better and do better?

I don't think I'll ever understand people!


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