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I’m sorry your father is going through that. I think at some point Massachusetts will come around. Vermont will likely be the second state to allow services without having to be a resident. It is hard to imagine that people cannot empathise enough with the suffering of others to vote against a bill to protect the terminally ill from such trauma.


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We currently have 11 states in which it is legal. Oregon has provided this procedure for 20 years. All things considering we shouldn’t allow a hypothetical, something that hasn’t happened, prevent someone from being allowed to end their suffering. Just to reiterate, the bill allows a person diagnosed terminal to end their suffering on their terms.


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So over a hypothetical, the terminally ill and suffering don’t deserve the mercy they seek? I think the states that allow it are a good example of what to expect. Currently watching someone die very painfully, who wishes for the ability to peacefully go. Living in pain and misery, draining all the money she saved within her lifetime for subpar treatment. Let’s hope neither you nor I have to experience this to extend the appropriate compassion.


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I think looking to the states that have legalised death with dignity would be a better start. Which currently don’t have these reports of abuse. Canada and the states that allow physician assisted suicides have completely different parameters for who is eligible. In the states, it’s terminal illness.


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You don’t believe that someone with a short life sentence, in a state of suffering, should get to decide for themselves when they are done fighting their illness? This isn’t a bill that just allows anyone to access life ending medication.


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Why not both? Watching someone still suffering receiving palliative care on a death sentence is not currently helping. Someone who is seeking mercy should receive it. Being pumped full of drugs just simply to keep your heart beating is not living, and those that wish not to simply exist shouldn’t have to…especially while suffering