Avock t1_jeaal38 wrote

For me it's specific items that get broken or lost for me regardless of value.

Sunglasses? My ADHD ass can somehow keep those for a decade with nearly daily use.

Pens? I can keep so long as they don't get stolen.

But earbuds? Broken in a month. Lost after a few months. Ruined in a week. I got gifted a pair of those Bluetooth earbuds that have the cord that goes behind your neck... They fell into a porta potty within 36 hours never to be seen again.

The longest I'd ever been able to keep some was a pair of nice Shure IEMs that had a replaceable cord. I bought them as a birthday gift to myself. Keep them a year and a half. About 2 months ago they just disappeared, I think they fell out of a coat pocket when I got a glove out of the same pocket and I somehow didn't notice. I died a little inside, thought I had finally beat that demon.