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If you haven’t already you can give it a polish with the least abrasive polish possible. It’s doesn’t remove damage or scratches or anything, but it kinda removes some grime and actually shows off the wear and tear in the metal itself. A shop will do it for a few bucks.

Totally understand why you wouldn’t though! My take on the family watches I’ve got are to treat it how that person would’ve. So for my dad it’s special occasions, but for my grandpa it more of a tool watch situation so I wear it working in the garden and stuff. Because that’s what he would’ve done!

Great watch. Citizen still makes fantastic watches that are high quality and don’t cost as much as a Honda Civic lol.


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I still haven’t found the gap you’re referring to regarding this position. This isn’t the risk assessment department, though I’m sure they work together. The problem your highlighting doesn’t directly correlate with the job position being discussed from everything I’ve seen so far.