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Not the person you asked but I find that good PMs are difficult to differentiate on paper vs. Poor or unqualified PMs due to the fact that what usually makes a PM stand out are their soft skills. Skills such as how to communicate, how to create relationships, how to find balance between being an ass to get shit done vs. Being understanding about potential delays, and so on. Soft skills are difficult to quantify on a written resume. Everyone can write "excellent communication skills". It's not quantifiable like knows this prpgramming language or this application suite or whatever. During the interview process, you have to ask SAR type questions to differentiate the good ones vs. The bad ones.


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Not sure how this is motivational. I mean sure, for things that have no consequences but many people have issues that do have dire consequences. I was just reading an article about a woman and her daughter (who happens to have health issues) about to become homeless because she bought a place that had tenants and months later, they're choosing to not leave nor pay rent. Poor woman is about to be homeless because she's already spent her life savings paying the mortgage on a property she can't even move into while paying rent to where she is living and she's run out of money and she's about to be evicted.

She's been trying to find a solution for months. So if she doesn't figure it out, it's not ok.