Axle_65 t1_iy3ftx7 wrote

Interesting idea but there’s so many kids around that a huge percentage of people would still be celebrating anyway. Beside what about family? Are you going to ignore Christmas even though your niece and nephew are celebrating? If anyone in your family has kids you’re likely to show up.

Then who are we left with, childless couples and single people. The couples might get by but this season is already very challenging for lonely people. Not all but many of them have a rough go. Now your going to have them spend it alone while everyone else celebrates or hangs out with there spouse? I’ve spent Christmas alone thanks to COVID. Trust me it’s not better.


Axle_65 t1_iudim0k wrote

It’s really a matter of taste and “the number 1” changes all the time as new games come out frequently. Currently, for my taste, nothing beats Division 2 but I have many many many close seconds.

That said if I’m giving extra weight to nostalgia then I would say Super Mario World