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Actually, while you meant to be sarcastic, there's a reasonable chance that temperature increases will result in more rainfall for Arizona.

Historically, the Sierras have prevented moisture from reaching us, but as the air gets warmer, more moisture makes it over the mountains.

At the same time, the Yuma low, which is a static low pressure system, is getting bigger, and deflects the Jet stream farther south.

This means that colder air is hitting the increased moisture from the coast, causing greater precipitation.

It will take a while to see where it all settles out, but this later-season increase may be a new normal.


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If she's calling you her ex and taking your kids to do stuff with him, she's already divorcing you. She's just letting pay some bills first.

If your original post is true and accurate, then it's over, she doesn't love you , and you need to start processing that now.


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>She talked so bad about me to him we are still married and she called me her ex, telling this guy she can't wait to refinance her car to get me off it. Flirty stuff, being at a sporting event with her and my kids, like wtf. I love this woman so much and by snooping I feel like I completely lost her. Or have I already lost her?

Are you serious? She's gone.

Get a lawyer, protect your assets, and get the hell out.


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>wait does my lettuce in NJ come from Arizona? Why would they even do that.... oh money.

80% of the lettuce in the US after September comes from Arizona, because it's too cold to grow it elsewhere.

Agriculture uses around 85% of our water, but accounts for about 2% of our income.

We need to tack on a $5 per head water use surcharge.