Azlisle t1_j36jmix wrote

Always hated clowns because of that old IT movie, the red and white and nasty teeth just scared me shitless when I woke up at midnight when my mom was watching it. Imagine the clown coming out your toilet drainage, I was scared of the toilet for a week.


Edit: But this one is lookable. Seems like he's doing an uwu.


Azlisle t1_j0pohfo wrote


The Warlock's Pet

Red gloves, dirty red gloves
slowly rise from below the torn robes.
The tip of the fingers together rendered
they part leaving the right hand centered.
The left snaps three times
the chains, the tiny bell on the crown chimes.

Smoke wooshes, erupts and cascades from the dirty boots
they swirl and form a sign at the roots.
Bones crack, the floor cracks
blood seeps out marking the demon's tracks.
So it begins, the moonlit nightly rounds
the screams end, two breaths remain the only sounds.