Azrael_Mawt t1_jef1940 wrote

Oh ok, I didn't fully understand your statement. But then again, affirming that we are further on the spectrum, to the point of being removed from the animal kingdom isn't true, it's an interpretation that rely more on ego than actual observable facts. A spectrum doesn't have a superior or inferior side, just different behavior. Has for the AI perception of our on consciousness, at the start, it will definitely think we're conscious, since it will be programmed by human, rely only on human interaction to learn and evolve, and will overhaul "be made in our image", since most people thinks that our model of consciousness is the base for everything, including those who work on those projects. It's the after that is uncertain, when it will start to improve upon itself without human interaction. Will it end up like us, and believe that it as been removed from its organic life forms origins ? It's impossible to be certain


Azrael_Mawt t1_jeex6f6 wrote

Various other species of animals outside of hominids can communicate through differents means, not just body languages, and share ideas and concepts pretty similar to ours. The fact that some are capable of complex pack hunting strategies, can have differents dialect inside of the same specie or having concept such as grief is an undeniable proof of that.

Your statement rely on a false conception of what defines a language and on a humanocentric point of view, which cannot be use to comprehend potential consciousness outside of or own species, including non-organic based consciousness.

I personally think that the concept of consciousness most people have in mind is false, as consciousness isn't a switch that you either have or don't, it's a complex evolutive principal that can exist at different degrees through individual species, a spectrum if you will. In that regard, maybe language could be an indicator of the level of consciousness, but we unfortunately lack the evidence to certify such statement at the time.