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Please don't interpret this as defense of a big company. I think Highmark's change, at least as it was described in the media, was the most balanced WFH policy change that I've heard. It applies to VPs and above and is more of a work-from-someplace-other-than-home-three-days-a-week rather than a return-to-office. I would rather see more flexibility by an employer since WFH has been proven to work but this a less aggressive proposal than I've seen elsewhere.

u/Puzzleheaded-Equal70 linked a Pgh Business Times article in a previous post in this sub. I thought it described it pretty well. (It was much better than wpxi.)


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While the Consent Decree from 2014 or 2015 allows Highmark to contract with UPMC, they can still define networks like any other insurance company. There are some Highmark plans that place UPMC providers and facilities in a less preferable tier.

Regardless, the commenter might mean that, due to their coverage, they hope to be at an AHN facility because UPMC would be financially ruinous.


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The deadline is when a normal PA ID will no longer be accepted as valid identification for federal purposes.

PA still issues regular IDs and you are not required to get a real ID. However, you will need a second form of id that is accepted by the federal government (such as a passport or military id) if you want to fly or enter a federal facility.

You can switch to real id at any time and PennDOT issue you a real ID valid for 4 years plus the remaining validity on your existing id.

Real ID is not a passport.

fwiw, Real ID has been a thing for like 20 years now and has been continually kicked down the road. PA had a law stating (weakly) that they would not comply since the federal government didn't fund it. iirc, the trump admin refused to continue offering waivers for PA and, at that point, PA started to take steps to implement the program. I 'm guessing that the latest postponements are pandemic-related.


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While not strictly required, maintaining detailed records of the sale would be ideal. If the amount paid was very low or abnormally low (e.g. sales for $1), PA reserves the right to investigate and tax the actual value of the car.

You'll want to work with someplace that specializes in vehicle titling. Some notaries will decline to handle titles.

Penndot has information, too: https://www.dmv.pa.gov/VEHICLE-SERVICES/Title-Registration/Pages/Buying-a-Vehicle.aspx


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There used to be a penalty tax in certain circumstances if you did not carry health insurance. There were accommodations for those who could not afford coverage and it was goofy to figure out, something like if the premiums for the second most expensive silver plan on the marketplace was more than 9% of your income, you were not expected to carry coverage. Regardless, there is no longer a penalty assessed if you do not carry coverage.

You and she should take a look at Pennie's site for authoritative information. It is also the only place that you can purchase subsidized coverage. There are income limits for the subsidy. There are no work requirements.


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This is an interesting question. You may get better information from a linguist, though. Perhaps r/linguistics can help?


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This is the answer. Or at least it was the answer 10 years ago. Their executives were very clear that they would have stores in cities.

There was a tale, too, that Bob Sheetz visited an urban sheetz and encountered a cashier with "F*** You" tattooed across his knuckles. Allegedly, this was the origin of their over-the-top body image policies.


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I'm sorry but what he has described isn't the downtown that I've experienced. I spend a lot of time downtown at all hours and I have not felt unsafe. Dude sounds dramatic and like he has only experienced downtown by watching the news.

There are common areas of concern, e.g., violence and poverty, but our reactions could not be more different.

His discussion of NYC was also peculiar. I think he thought it offered contrast but, instead, it just seemed like he forgot that he was writing about Pittsburgh.