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Hahaha I love how foreign this post is! The idea of a stranger coming into our home to have dinner with us and learn our culture is super creepy to Americans.

Your best bet is to look for "friends" or meet ups probably on your local Facebook page (depending where you are in MA) and clearly state you wish to learn American culture and make friends.

Then make a meet up at a bar or restaurant, definitely not someone's house haha


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I blame phone addition and the desperate need for instant gratification. No one has patience any more.

People see a roadside accident and they don't think "oh how awful, let me move over so the cops and EMS are safe" they think "oh good any other speeder got what he deserved, hope this don't cause traffic for me".

I hope we get more pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to inconvenience drivers and force them to slow down.

Only highway driving should be convenient for the drivers, towns and cities should be inconvenient for drivers and convenient and safe for pedestrians. Safer pedestrians will eventually lead to safer drivers and safer driving.

Driving is insanely worse in any state I visit in the last 10ish years. It has gotten way worse since COVID because driving safety is directly linked to mental health wellbeing.

But this is America, SO CARS GOTTA GO FAST!


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Sorry don't mean to be harsh but this is on you.

You are paying for a service and don't seem to know what you are getting.

If you do not watch sports then trim the fat and get rid of anything you don't need.

Why are you renting a modem? Buy your own, even a $300 modem will pay for itself eventually vs. a $15/m fee, plus 100% they spy on your traffic via their modem.


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>Democrat Kristin Kassner jumped into the lead over five-term Republican Rep. Lenny Mirra after a district-wide recount erased her narrow deficit and put her ahead by a single vote, an infinitesimally tight outcome that the incumbent plans to challenge in court.
>It will absolutely be a legal challenge." Mirra said.

Is there really such a thing as adults anymore? Just seems like big children that sue at every life hurtle they encounter.

Wish there were stricter rules for frivolous lawsuits, and the accuser has to pay all legal fees if found frivolous.


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It takes 5-10 seconds per email/business.

I've done it for years now. It never used to be the norm, but it is now. Just annoying and sad that it's expected I guess.

It used to be very specific, open up an account at Macy's to make a purchase? Get promotional emails.

Now I see instances where even if I Google a business or walk into their store, I'm likely to get emails from them.


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Because you cannot make a million dollars without exploiting or abusing others.

For someone to make a million there has to be a lot of others making very little.

The least someone who takes advantage can do is to pay 4% for roads and education.


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Oh no, sorry I reread the article, only soiled textiles are excluded:

>Textiles containing mold, bodily fluids, insects, oil, or hazardous substances are exempt from the ban.


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Maybe 30 or so.

I can't tell if I'm being crazy but there was no eye contact. The kids looked down at me giving candy, the parents kinda just looked at the kids or at the ground. I would say Hello or Happy Halloween and no one would look up and really engage me lol.

Is this post COVID socially awkward world or just social media and phones or something?