BGTT_NYC t1_itq553r wrote

Omg, i started to cry reading your story. That really is a freak accidental way to loose your animal. And she was probably so afraid she just kept going. When I was going away on a trip i decided to my Chihuahua to my families home to dog sit. As soob as the cab pulled up, and i attempted to put my bags in, Rocky said "NOPE!" and bolted through the Brooklyn streets. When I tell you my heart stopped and like a mad woman, i went flying down the street. The cab, stayed with me and also searched on wheels. Neighbors who heard my screams blocks away stayed alert until someone cornered him. I just kept thinking about him getting hit by a car while running in the streets. But A month????? 😔 sadly she's probably in somebody else house with a new collar and a new name. Very sad to say it, but we know small, cute and scared dogs rarely stay "lost" for too long. I'm so sorry