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"nationwide, we call recruits that score to highly on intake tests.".

"Nationwide, cops outside the county or town they work in help them"

I can think of many communities where you have to have a four year criminal justice degree, and residency requirements to serve in their communities. The states where they don't have either of those things, is where you find more corrupt police. My state has a four year degree requirement, but not a residency requirement. Before they repealed The residency requirement, cops were actually quite decent.


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Like this. You accuse a vegetarian of eating a steak dinner.

There is a deep fake of the vegetarian eating a steak. The artificial intelligence shows a nice, juicy, steak being eaten by a vegetarian.

Turns out that the vegetarian was eating a Portobello mushroom, in the AI swaps the portobello mushroom out with a steak.

The vegetarian is surprised and righteously shocked that it showed him or her eating the steak. If the vegetarian wasn't doing what they were supposed to be doing, then the vegetarian would be afraid that he or she got found out.


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Another thing too, that people aren't going to mention, is that artificial intelligence can detect people's vocal tones. Someone who is guilty has a much different tone than someone who's innocent. If you've heard of Dr Paul Eckman, he's done research on nonverbal communication. So you can have a deep fake of someone doing something. But if the reaction to it is of total surprise or righteous indignation, rather than fear, then there isn't a likely chance that they committed the crime. Because they are as surprised as you are that this happened.


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Not to mention, how decentralized the US is. It's even in the country's name. United States. Which means the police force over in bugtussle, missouri, is going to be a lot different than the police force over in Seattle Washington. Even the police force over in bellevue, Washington is going to be different than the police force over in seattle, washington. Even though they are in the same metropolitan area.


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No, I'm saying this because the contrary seems to be unbelievable. I serve alcohol for a living, and one of the things they drill into our head, is if you over serve someone, you are responsible for everything they do after they leave your venue.

I'm ServSafe certified, and my church is looking into getting me to become an instructor for servsafe,

Nice try though.


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There are plenty of opportunities for the NLL to come back to MN.

Let's see, there's the Lee Rose auditorium, there's Williams arena, the Pavilion, Saint Thomas' new arena, Target Center and the X. But the NLL still won't give us a new team. The market is there, the arenas are there, but no dice.


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It would be comparable to this.

The eastern United states, and the Western United states, split up along the 100th parallel. The Eastern United States falls, and becomes a group of different countries.

The Western United States, centered around its national capital of Las Vegas, becomes less Protestant, and more Latter-Day saints. They start speaking Spanish instead of English. The customs become more Southwestern and less WASP like. It starts warring with the Gitchi Gumi Republic, the nation of the Missouri valley, the Dominion of Texas,. Dixieland, Appalachia, and the North Atlantic Republic. They become Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, and culturally Catholic respectively.

The western United States considered itself to be the successor to the country that was established in the east. And so does the rest of the world. By the East sees the union has been dissolved, and The West being something new.