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Sure, buying packs in hopes of getting specific cards is also gambling. The major reason this isnt an issue is that there's not that many MTG players who buy packs for a specific card. You buy a box to draft with and you buy specific cards on the secondary market.


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It is gambling. The major difference is that in traditional gambling your chasing a universally accepted value, money, while with a lootbox you are chasing perceived value in a game. In the end it's still spending money for a chance to get value. It's gambling and it shouldn't be a surprise that getting kids used to gambling has an effect on how often they will gamble in the rest of their life.


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I don't have enough expertise to judge why the USA has such a high murder rate, i assume it's a bunch of factors. I'm sure environment plays a role, and ease of acquiring weapons that make killing relatively easy is also likely a part of it.


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Considering the mental health argument mostly comes from the NRA or NRA affiliated politicians I'm pretty sure why this argument is made. Still, its good to actually measure these things so that hopefully we can have a debate based on data. That is as long as we don't dismiss scientific data when it doesn't align with our opinion.


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I don't know what might cause it, I'm just pointing out that it has been mentioned quite a lot that mental illness might be the driving factor, hence the usefulness of this research.


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Recently in the whole second amendment debate it has been suggested quite frequently that the high murder rate of the USA is mostly due to mental illness and not so much due to lots of guns being available to the public.


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Right now globally most car manufacturers already succeeded in making repairs to their product a franchise deal, with proprietary connectors and software that locks the car down over minor issues. I don't have any faith that consumers will be able to hold back the obvious issues we're going to see in a couple of years when EV's are no longer mostly leased and batteries run out.


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So if you read the article it says in many quantum test setups you need a powerful laser and microwave generator, so you need an external power source to run the experiment. These researchers designed an alternative test setup that uses sunlight in place of the powerful laser and the earth magnetic field in place of the microwave generator to perform similar tests, so you don't need much external power to run the tests anymore.


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This won't happen, what they did is find ways to replace lasers with sunlight, so that you don't need a laser with an external power pack anymore. It's not a new 'energy source', it's not even a new solar power technique. It's an alternative to conventional testing setups that replaces some power hungry components with systems that can use light from the environment and the Earth's magnetic field to operate.