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There is constant transfer of bacteria from gut to vagina. These systems are completely linked.

The person I was responding to brought up poop as a joke. Poop indirectly plays a role in all vaginal births.


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Women sometimes poop a bit when giving birth. Even those that don’t have residual fecal (gut) bacteria on and around their crotch.

A theory is that small amounts of the moms gut bacteria transfer to the baby during natural birth. This seeds their system with moms gut biome.

Cesarean births are sterile and don’t come into contact with the moms crotch and thus are getting their gut bacteria from elsewhere.

Edit: as the pedants below have stated, the OPs focus on poop is mostly for comic effect. There’s a lot of bacteria in and around the vagina that gets transferred to the baby during vaginal birth. Don’t go smearing poop on your newborn.