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I'm in Morris County and there are definitely homes in your price range. They're going to be a bit older. Newer homes are all $1 million plus BUT a lot of them are built like shit. My brother bought one and in fewer than 10 years things are already breaking--drywall coming off, leaks in the roof, boards coming up on the porch, etc. Our house, by comparison, was built in the 30s and is still going strong with minimal upkeep other than painting and power washing. Morris isn't as diverse, though, with the exception of Morristown itself and Madison somewhat.


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Why is everyone assuming this poster is going to exchange their $$ for USD? If I earn 5.89% on Euros or Yen or some other currency because I live in a country that uses them, why would I convert that money to USD vs. just using it my own country as the native currency of that country?


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It depends on the time of day for me. I'll drive to the city early on Sunday morning because I enjoy urban cycling and like to bring my bike. It's also a lot faster than the train (40 minutes vs 1 hour) and I can leave whenever I want vs. the Sunday schedule where trains are few and far between. I'll also drive if I'm visiting friends and know I probably won't leave the city before 1 AM because the last train is at 12:30.

Weekdays I always take the train because it's convenient and faster (1 hour vs. 90 minutes to get through the Lincoln Tunnel backup).

Im kind of bummed because my town used to have direct bus service to New York (one hour) that stopped two blocks from my house, but they've consolidated routes now and that same trip is now two hours and 10 minutes which is ridiculous.


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What?!? If someone breaks into your house while you're there you don't know their intentions. It's not like someone breaks in and says "hey, I'm not here to kill you, just stealing your car." Someone breaks in my house at night they're going to get hurt (if they even make it past my dog).


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Reply to Stay classy NJ by 4seasonz

This is definitely a prank, and a good one at that. One of my funniest experiences in NYC was a guy with a bunch of goods for sale on a blanket near Union Square. One of them was a big dildo. I thought it would be the perfect way to end a relationship--use it on the partner you want to get rid of then when they say, "wow, where'd you get that thing?" just say "oh I bought it off some homeless guy on the street."


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I haven't gotten a bill for electricity in more than 18 months. I switched electric to my name when we bought our house after moving here in 2021. I never received a bill. I called them. They said there was "no such address." I called again, again "no such address." After the third call, I figured it's on them, not me. I'll enjoy my free electricity until someone figures it out.


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I'm a bit odd in that I love urban bicycling so, in summer, I often drive to New York City from the Morristown area on Sunday mornings around 6:30-7:00 and can make it in about 40 minutes. The West Side bike highway, riding to Prospect Park over the Brooklyn Bridge, riding to Central Park, etc. are all really fun and not super crowded at that time of day. Just have to get out of the city by noon-ish so you CAN drive to NYC just have to go on the off hours


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Morristown definitely has some interesting places. Madison is more suburban, but has a nice downtown and a fantastic park (Loantaka) if you're looking for recreation. Almost all of northeast NJ is suburban with either "real" downtowns with train stations and a walkable core, or sprawling shopping plazas similar to what you'd find in the Bay Area in Daly City or Pleasanton.