BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ul46x wrote

youre simply going in circles at this point lol.

and btw: ct gun owners already pay an excise in tax to the state because they bought the guns.

get over the fact that your logic simply does not make sense nor do u have any backbone to any of your misconceptions. hope u have a better day than this homie.


BackhandStrongAF t1_j9ufg54 wrote

um no actually. you’re being incoherent and don’t seem understand that law abiding gun owners are not responsible for those that misuse their guns. just like you, a lawful purchaser of alcohol aren’t responsible for those that kill entire families in car accidents while under the influence. i hope i was able to dumb this down enough for you man. im truly sorry youre like this💀


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what?😂 we’re talking of law abiding citizens forced to pay ADDITIONAL unlawful taxes on the guns they use responsibly to fund programs to prevent your little brother from walking into school shooting kids in the face. thats like adding taxes to alcohol because a minor got caught drinking at a party. so because he drank as a minor and broke the law we should pay additional taxes to fund a D.A.R.E program?

geez talking with connecticut far left dems is like trying to teach a brick wall to play basketball. some of you guys in here have no problem making yourselves sound brainless all on your own!😂


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there plenty of people that are just as capable of killing people without a gun. anyway, back to the taxes. regular sales tax is applied to guns and ammo aswell as another 11%. if this isn’t enough to fund these programs, maybe ask yourself where this 17% markup is going in the first place. surely 17% of taxes paid on guns and ammo in ct should be boatloads of money already. wheres this money at?


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“taxes aren’t punishments” and then you follow up with “why should the general taxpayer be punished with additional taxes..” doesn’t make sense. so gun owners shouldn’t look at this as a punishment but the general tax payer should? as i said in a previous comment, use the extraordinary taxes they ALREADY accumulate from guns and ammunition and use that for the programs.


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i dont own one yet but hopefully will soon. im just now starting to educate myself on the laws and purchasing in the state, but as far as i know ammunition is already taxed to hell. use these taxes that are already being paid for these programs maybe? punishing law abiding responsible gun owners to fund the programs that are put up in response to the irresponsible unlawful owners of guns doesn’t seem to make too much sense to me lol.