BackwardPalindrome t1_j1lq3nb wrote

... you mean everyone will be saddled with home debt for literal decades that they have no chance of paying back, then the government will purchase the loans so that it's impossible for them to file for bankruptcy, thus forcing them into permanent debt slavery to the government to keep things that previously could've been discharged?

How exactly would that be welcome news?


BackwardPalindrome t1_ix3802b wrote

Karma in a one on one interpersonal interaction is actually a pretty good measure of what the general consensus is on your opinion, at least among this site's active userbase.

You did make a mistake. You misread someone's intentions. You didn't do it on purpose, but it was still a mistake.

You are extremely defensive right now, and I'm sorry that things in your life are so bad it's pushing you to be this angry at people online.

Please practice self-love and care soon. You need it.


BackwardPalindrome t1_ix34b48 wrote

You are literally at -8 karma 5 posts into a drop-down. You made a mistake. Don't just double down on it, apologize for misreading what was said, learn from the mistake, and move on.

Stop digging further down.