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peak reddit.

Yes. You know better than the people who actually own the cars. If the people who own the cars have an opinion different than yours they must be in a cult. I hate to break it to you but most car buyers don't give a crap one way or the other about Musk.


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It is remarkably simple. Sales of your profitable ICE cars implode while you are still unable to mass produce EVs for a profit. Something which only Telsa and BYD have managed so far.

Not everyone is going to successfully make the transition. There will be bankruptcies, government bailouts and or mergers along the way.


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>This is exactly where they wanted to be.

And that is why they are failing.

The Tesla build quality has improved considerably in the last few years. The Model 3 is now one of the most reliable EVs you can buy. The model Y has also improved greatly.

Where the other manufacturers are aspiring to in 3-5 years is where Tesla was 5 years ago. Toyota recently did a teardown of a model y and came to the conclusion that Tesla had superior manufacturing and that Toyota needs to completely rethink its process if wants to keep up.

If legacy doesn't get its act together and fast a bunch are going out of business.


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I actually went to go buy an EV6 last summer. The test drive was great and I was ready. Then the stealer wanted $11k over msrp. NOPE.

The stealership was even even trying to sell a low mileage used EV6 for $11k over MSRP of new and pretended that they didn't know a used car didn't qualify for the $7500 tax credit.


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That's true. They will undoubtedly raise the price considerably to start with and not even offer the cheapest version. They can do that because the demand is high and they will be supply constrained at first and can make more profit off the higher end versions. Prices could be in the 80k-90k range and I would not be at all surprised to see them reach 30-40% margins once they hit volume production.