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The data also shows that children whose parents were high achievers aka smart, created home environments that benefited their offspring in schooling. These children performed better in school as a result of genetics and environment. Since the age range of the study is confined, it is possible the effect can lessen or remain. Anecdotally, young adult high achievers tend to have parents who are as well.


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Except that no one has shown that bats were the actual vector in Wuhan. The fact that a source reservoir was not been identified also throws into question that the “market” was the site of the outbreak. The presence of a lab in Wuhan, doing gain of function research on the Covid virus, is the most logical source of the virus. Occum’s Razor


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Get ready to see mom and grandma getting sued as they are the legal owners of the vehicle that was underinsured. They allowed an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle, which invalidated the coverage of the insurance which is probably why the insurance company won’t provide coverage.


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Agreed. It’s that it is very common to see many investors to panic when their fund declines in value as has happened recently. In 2009-2010, my 401k dropped 60% and my coworkers were absolutely freaking out. I maxed out my contributions and benefited when the market recovered. This is a similar junction and if the OP has the ability to contribute more, then he should do so.


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Replace the cat and then sell the car. Cat's normally don't go bad on their own. The car has another issue that is causing either oil or a lot of unburned gas to enter the cat and causing a build up of crud, which causes the cat to fail.