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It might be a bit challenging, I dunno about other home owners but I check what permits people have pulled, how many jobs they've done a year which is easy to do in Boston. If that number is 0, I'd go with someone else. You might want to try to do some small jobs on the cheap, and get people to hype you up on NextDoor or something.


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Last time I came back from Canada CBP gave me a hard time. They really wanted to know if I had any citus fruit on me. The truth is I had 30 kilos of Old Dutch All Dressed Chips in my spare tire compartment but they didn't need to know that.

Oh the other thing that annoyed the shit out of me: during the Trump era CBP set up a fucking road block on 93 up near Woodstock like almost 100 miles from the border. How the heck is that "Live Free or Die"? Violation of my fourth amendment rights, and they're gunna narc on my stash.


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Doesn't really sound like a good idea. Snow shoes would definitely come in handy, given that you know.. it just snowed a bunch. Winter hiking has a lot of stuff to learn, like how to keep warm but not sweat, make sure your water doesn't freeze, keep your cell phone from dying etc. Lastly, going up treeline in winter can be... very interesting. Even if there's no storm, blowing snow and cloud cover can make it like walking into pea soup.

For a newer person I'd recommend Tecumseh, Waumbek or Cannon instead.


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I did it for years, granted the T was in better shape. Certainly possible though. Back Bay might be a bit of a pain in the ass (granted driving there sucks too), but Cambridge is pretty easy.


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Reply to Weather by mrszent

Yes, NH is fucking on point with their plowing. I remember once in the White Mountains I thought the road was covered in snow for a minute... turned out it was all salt. Stay away from back/dirt roads and wash your car when you get home.


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Disclaimer: I am a Masshole who hangs out in NH a lot.

NH was always more of a Libertarian Republican/maybe Mitt Romney style neo-con Republican. Generally, people gravitated towards low taxes and personal freedom. Most of the candidates the DNC fields are closer to Mitt Romney than the people the GOP puts forward these days. TLDR: The GOP has shifted right, which means NH looks more purple.


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Judging by all the down-votes, I'm guessing people think I'm anti-bike. I'm not. I think putting traffic curb extensions so a bike lane is forced to veer into traffic is dangerous for both the cyclist and shitty for traffic. It's probably indicative of poor planning. See the area around Muskrat Studio as an example:,-71.1107064,3a,75y,223.07h,68.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJcZX86qjZyfil0BGZhoJ3g!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

You can actually protect a bike lane BEHIND a curb extension, but it's just weird shit like this all over


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As someone who used to live in Somerville until a few years ago and left partially because traffic was complete ass (but mostly because I couldnt afford to buy there), my theory:

  1. Somerville became the 'it' place to live. It's cool, it's fun, it's hip, etc.
  2. A bunch of wealthier people with cars displaced poorer people without cars.
  3. Now the two way streets which can barely fit one car down them have people parked absolutely everywhere with no room to get by.
  4. The rising property taxes and influx of yuppies meant more money to fix things. Yay! Let's reconstruct Union Square, and god knows what else, so more people are forced down a few one way horse-paths.
  5. The Redline continues to be a dumpster fire, so even if you want to take public transit if you need to be on time for work, better drive!
  6. Now that Somerville is super progressive, they are emphasizing things like making the city more pedestrian/bike friendly. Which is not a bad thing, but means 'traffic calming' measures like: don't paint lines anywhere, let's put curb extensions that jut out into the middle of the street. And oh yes, more bike lanes. Right where those curb extensions are *. So it forces the cyclist right into traffic. And there's already no room to pass anyone on those horse-paths.

TLDR: Got too popular for it's own good. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

* Curb can extensions can block or NOT block bike lanes. I'm not saying don't build bike lanes, perhaps that wasn't clear. I'm saying putting a curb extension that blocks a bike lane and forces cyclists to veer into the middle of traffic is fucking stupid, and not how it's done in other cities.