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username checks out!

Speaking seriously, dates are definitely a healthy food and have their unique mix of nutrients, but same is true for other fruits and vegetables, and a healthy human needs a balanced diet with many different foods.


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Personal responsibility and self-sufficiency are indeed a key part of being an adult. But one has to learn to walk before they learn to run.

Camping/hiking people are usually happy to help, but of course one should learn and not become a permanent moocher.

In fact, this is the progression: first you need help, then you do not need help, and finally you are able to help others.


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First, congrats on figuring out the parenting routine. Plenty of people struggle to get anything done while taking care of a small child.

Your problem sounds like it is more about your motivations.

Do enjoy the company of your partner so much that you forget to clean? If so, maybe get them to join in?

Or you do not want to disturb him while you clean? Then identify the chores that you can do while they are there.

Or is it something about sharing the workload of chores? Like you feel it's their turn to clean? Or you do not want to pressure them into cleaning by doing it in front of them? That stuff is just something you need to talk about.


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You certainly have to check the critical gear before a "survival" hike. But your problems have simple solutions.

  • Keep tent poles and stakes in the same bag as the tent.

  • Use a foam pad instead of inflatable mattress. It is more bulk, but it will weigh less than mattress and pump, and it does not get punctured.

PS: your first camping trips should be with a group of experienced people, or to a campground with other people. Also, start camping during summer, then add relevant gear as weather cools down.


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Nope. You can tell if dishes are clean by looking at them.

A liquid detergent can spill if you close the lid, e.g. to make room in the kitchen,

A pod will melt if even one drop of water falls on it.


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Keep in mind that every benefit comes with a cost, and you have to decide whether it is worth it. Especially if your goal is simply to stop the itch so you can focus on other things that are important to you.


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I have heard of a hypothesis that geography can determined development path.

The democratic tradition was present in Greece, Rome and Europe. All of these are peninsulas, with mountains or forests in the interior, and plenty of harbors along the coast.

On the other side, several major ancient civilizations were based along a river valley, and were fully autocratic: Egypt, Babylon, China.

Is there a connection? Could be it that river-based civilization made it easier to control movement of both goods and troops, leading to conquest by autocratic ruler?

Are there further examples of counterexamples? Did any actual historian think along those lines?


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increasing GDP means economy produces more, which means increasing quality of life, even despite increasing population. Most people consider that beneficial.

Periodic economic downturns might be beneficial in the sense that they kill off the old and inefficient companies, and enable newer and more advanced companies to replace them, which strengthens the growth in the long term.

Modern macroeconomic controllers generally try to extend the periods of growth, and minimize both depth and duration of downturns. I do not think anybody among them expects uninterrupted growth forever.


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SSN alone is not very useful unless you have access to a government or some corporate database, but those are kept very tightly locked up, and they can be searched by name as well, so having an SSN just makes it a bit faster to find the right person.

When combined with other info, SSN is the final confirmation that lets you apply for loans in the name of the person, or log into their banking website. And the "other info" is a lot easier to get than SSN: Name and birthday from Facebook or other social media, address and phone number from white pages or many sites that copy that info or hack for it.

This is why you should never put your actual birthday into social media or any website not related to major offline transactions. The only organizations that need to know your true birthday are banks, work, school, landlords and doctors. For everybody else, pick Jan-1 of your birth year, or a year that's before or after; if you want the correct Zodiac sign, change the day.

Likewise, no social/entertainment website needs the full & correct spelling of your name, you only need it when you pay with a credit card, and they will ask for it separately