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I know. As I stated below. The philosophy still applies though. TST is legally a recognized religion as of 2019. Therefore legally, they cannot deny a satanic club and allow other religious clubs. It’s literally violating the constitutional right of religious freedom.


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Yeah duh. No one said they were? My point was religious equality for all. Most people on reddit know they don’t actually follow/believe Satan. Still doesn’t make me a Satanist. Being non- religious doesn’t make you inherently a member of the Satanic temple. Which is btw, a federally recognized religion.


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Well yes anyone can make up a religion but that doesn't mean they're Legally and constitutionally recognized by the federal government. The satanic temple became a legally recognized religion in 2019 and therefore is entitled to the same representation and leeway as any other religion...

Personally, I think religious studies are important to avoid the racisim and bigotry that often comes with ignorance of other peoples beliefs. But people fear what they don't know and don't like to learn about what they fear. Thus, the wheel of unnecessary ignorance turns on and on.


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Well considering Mein Kampf is not a religion and Hitler wasn't a religious leader/deity no... it still would not apply. This is about Religious freedom which is a Constitutional right. Ethically, they should not be allowed to deny a Satanist club and allow a Christian club, or a Buddhist club or an Islamic club etc...

Obviously I'm not saying they refuse all religious observations (I.E. Prayer, meditation, fasting etc...) but After school clubs most likely do not fall under that observation. You either allow all, or deny all. Fair is fair.


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Yeah I got hit by a deer like 2 years ago now (the deer actually hit me 🤣) and it jacked up my door to the point it could only be opened from inside, my Insurance rate didn’t go up at all and it was about 5k worth of damage (needed a whole new door and I drive a buick so yikes 😬) so you should be fine. I would call your insurance and ask them if deer accidents are covered under comprehensive, can’t really raise your rate if you’re just calling to ask a question.