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psychometrics is a much larger concept than needing change in the brain for an interventional investigation of causation. Also, "correlational" is a very old concept. I went through the papers that you listed here, and you are right about exploratory factor analysis being as good as reading tea leaves. I mean, its as bad as p-values and the confidence intervals. But there is much more modern work. You should check out COSMIN consensus work.


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Agreed! I've had xps including some from the very early models (m1330). Also had surface pro. I currently own an xps. I agree that they both have quality issues. The killer for XPS for me is the combination of quality issues and terrible customer support. I've got their premium support and it still made me swear off of it. Surface support on the other hand has been much more pleasant. Also, the audio drivers on XPS are atrocious!