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Yeah salicylic acid is very high in some plants, cumin I believe has the highest at ~1% by weight if I remember correctly. It was observed that salicylic acid in plant based dieters was potentially higher than those taking low dose aspirin and typically much higher than other subjects.


So higher protein diets will have higher amounts of arginine, however, it is the ratio of amino acid that counts most for what is being absorbed in addition to other factors such as blood lipids and what not. Plant based foods have higher ratios but not total amount of several amino acids, arginine being one of those amino acids. This leads to plant based dieters having higher levels of arginine. It is the BCAA that are in a much higher ratio in meat.

"Vegan children had lower protein intake calculated as a percentage of daily energy intake (13.5% compared to 16.4% in omnivores) and showed lower levels of circulating leucine/isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine/betaine, and aspartate and higher levels of alanine, arginine, and glycine."