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It's fairly straightforward with gyprock/sheetrock whatever the brand -it's all gypsum board anyway.

You can just cut a straight line with a sharp X-acto knife, remove the damaged part, smooth edges and fit in the new piece and the refinish the wall. No need to tear the whole wall down for a new sheet.


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And you expect the current Russian ones to be that much better when a single good hit from Javelin will literally toss the whole tank into air? Russia had matching modern tanks but they're few or nothing but vaporware & concepts. What they've been using are outdated holdovers from the '90s with some mandatory upgrades.

People have already been whining how some odd 200 tanks ain't doing much... When it's not about the numbers but how you deploy them in the field -200 tanks in one sector supported by infantry & artillery is a lot, peppered throughout the country -not so much.


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Abrams in desert storm... It was a complete slaughter for the 'modernized' Iraqi T-72s, they literally couldn't even see their enemy before they were already hit.

And that was 30 years ago, proposed Challengers, Leos and Leclercs are much more modern than those American Abrams were back then and Abrams itself has had a few iterations to it since then.

The Soviet-era tanks Russia is still using won't have a chance and I'm not sure how many are T-90s or newer from the ones they actually field.


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And likely in typical Russian fashion a thick wad of cash handed to local Wagner Brigade-General who takes the pile and admits that "war doesn't need one man" and lets him get off easy by putting the guy into laundry-duty for 6 months or something instead of being in the reserve-list for the next suicide-wave at Bahmut.


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And if they do that... Thre's some VERY juicy targets in the Karelian peninsula to retaliate in kind, such as in Vyborg and Koivisto oil refineries and gas relay-stations and it's not like St.Pete itself is far from Finnish artillery POV.

Though realistically anything like that to happen would mean that diplomatically things would have already gone sideways and been gang-raped in a dark alley with a blunt object between EU/Finland & Russia.


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No, Lapland was the "last bastion" of paganism in Western Europe.

Last witch drum burning and destruction of the remaining sacred Siidas were done at the early 19th century.

In Russia most Finnic groups have basically syncretised their animism with Orthodoxy creating a kind of pseudo-christianity with elements from both.