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I know and disagree with all those things. I’m glad he didn’t become president. But he’s on a different planet than Reagan and Buckley. He actually believed in his philosophy however misguided I think it is. Reagan and Buckley were just out to enrich themselves.

I wouldn’t even count Eisenhower as a conservative. He was basically a centrist.


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That’s hilarious. Goldwater voted for the 1957 Civil Rights Act and was highly racially progressive for the time.

His stance on the ‘64 CRA was a mistake for sure as even he later admitted. But it’s plainly clear the guy was just devoted to an anti communist and economic conservative outlook to a nutty degree.


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Goldwater was kind of an anomaly within the conservative big three of him, Reagan and Buckley. The guy was by all counts an honorable guy who mostly had sane assessments of the world especially by his later days.

It was really a couple nutty beliefs in his younger days that screwed him. Meanwhile, Buckley and Reagan were really just grifters.