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Not saying it didn't work for you but there's 0 evidence it works due to the fact that is has literally zero metabolic action for removing THC from the body. Just use quick fix to anyone reading this, the gatorade flushes, goofy jell-o tricks and diluters are a waste of time.


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While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I can't lie I laughed a little at the thought of OP being excited to post this, getting a tasty dessert with friends, just for some guy to comment, "Its overrated." lmao raining on his ice cream party, thats ice cold man.


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Man honestly fuck chinese chef. I grew up on it, loved it so much but something changed. Now my chicken always has bones in it and INSANE shit like just being mushy meat or just tasting like a different recipe completely. I swear its like one day all the tastes and quality changed, I swear i was addicted to it from age like 7-23 and now its literally impossible to get it how i remember it being. But I did try the OTHER chinese chef across town, and it was honestly like the old times! Maybe the one near me changed owners or something because JESUS the change was overnight.


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They aren't the same concept that you want them to be. A man harrassing homeless people and running a page to laugh and share with other who do the same to random people is not the same as people expressing disdain and backlash due to said unwarranted harassments'. You are being deliberately disingenuous if you can't see the cause and effect at hand here, and a bit naïve as you fail to mention the difference is, on his page, they encourage that behavior whereas on this page people are saying that encouraging vandalism to his workplace is stooping to his level and wrong. You clearly read the comment, maybe you didnt read the replies. Also ironic how you comment this on a sensible comment of someone saying all we can do is be aware of these pages and their creators, instead of commenting to one of the 2 other comments saying to draw on his building.


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Eating it a couple times a month is kinda crazy ngl. Not because its bad, but simply because there are so much better, cheaper options, or the most important point being that mexican villa is honestly so basic, you can replicate it with the most simple ingredients at home. I guess that's not really the point of. "eating out," though, I just know 10$ at mexican villa will never go as far as $10 at my favorite street taco stand, makes it hard to ever pick mexican villa.