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Good chance it won't, but that lack of enforcing laws at the leadership level, even in Russia, creates additional resentment in top of what's already in place at the local level.

If you think rural areas want to revolt against Russia now for decimating their local populations, I would be curious to see how they respond when Putin violates his own laws on state TV and gets little repercussions as a result.


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>It's not like Russian credibility or integrity can go much further down

In our eyes for sure. In the local civilians eyes that will make an impact. There's some expectation that their leaders still follow the rules of their country. Those leaders probably make massive wiggle rooms for themselves in those laws, but they still follow it within the scope.

In this case, it's clear cut even Putin himself violated his own law, so it begs the question on how willing their govt would be to enforce his own laws.


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Yeah. They are just trying to have their cake and eat it too. Play military on the streets, but without any of the accountability that the military has. No requirements on rules of engagement. A simple "feared for my life" clears any cop of wrong doing, and the good ole boys network to cover shit up.

Luckily cities and states have begun implementing new laws for cops that require them to act against illegal orders. At least it's something in the right direction.


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Most likely... but it came at a cost, rather coincidentally.

Darnella's uncle? (Or somewhat close relative) was killed months after this in a supposed unrelated incident with a police car on the other side of town. Pretty sure due to a speeding police car responding to a call, running red lights and excessive speeds on a fairly residential road. Still no accountability on the cop who was involved.


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The fact that Chauvin was their superior at any point in their careers creates a precedent that he would be their acting superior during this incident, especially when they are still pretty new with the dept.

If they truly did follow the chain of command on this, I wouldn't be surprised if their actual supervising officer would have responded by having them follow Chauvins orders since he was the only superior officer on site.