BarbequeSoap t1_iyc6jeg wrote

It was a strange feeling, I won't lie. It was similar to seeing an ex in public sfter having poured so much heart and emotion into that relationship. And now she was just someone that used to see you naked. But I was tutoring her sons in English class.

"Has he been doing his homework?" Solastra's apparentl alter ego, a Denny's employee named Marisha Matthews. I could tell she'd had the same realization when she spoke threw her teeth. "Mr. Richards?"

"Yes, they're actually showing alot of improvement." I said bluntly. I wasn't lying, her sons were incredibly smart. "We just gotta make sure we...?" I glanced at the boys. Their eyes lit up for a moment, the same flare I'd seen a hundred times fighting Solastra.

"Turn! In! Our! Homework!" They chanted while beating their chest to rhythm of Tarzan. I'd convinced them that reading material doesn't have to be boring when your mind can think like a camera. I'd showed them the original Tarzan film, in black snd white. They were 13 and already cinematic coniseurs!

""Good. Boys? Would you mind getting in the car. You can play your music as loud as you want." She said without breaking eye contact, handing them the keys.

" I the only one thinking this is weird?" I asked her.

"No kidding." She said.

If we'd had the time to give our dialogue am awkward pause, we'd have chosen so. She looked back at her kids with admiration for a moment then refocused on me.

"If you even think, about putting a hand on," she began.

"Sol- Mrs. Matthews." I said. "I swear to you, I would never think about pulling your children into this."

"They already are." She said.

"I'm just letting you know that if you so much as scrape past one of my sons in the hallways, lets just say that university you live so close to, you know, the one your daughter is attending? I know the swim team has access to a pretty big lake, if you catch my drift."

"Mrs- You. I promise you that I will not harm your children. I would never think of such an act!" I said firmly. "But what do you mean the boys have've roped them into this?"

"Oh absolutely. My sons have great memories...great.....memories." there was alot if emphasis on those last two words. I

"You're...using your sons as spys, aren't you." I asked her.

"Was it that obvious?" She smirked.

We managed a short pause.

"Good day, Mrs. Matthews. I think you should stay in tonight, they say there's gonna be a chance of rain." I glared at her.

"Have a pleasant evening Mr. Richard's. I'll have to ignore your suggestion, The Mayor is expecting me tonight at 9. I hope you don't mind, but I actually found your daughter's number on a babysitting website. I was thinking tonight would be a great night to see what my kids think."

"I beg your-"

"I'll be dropping Eli and Eric off at your place. Your daughter actually suggested it. And, you should also mow your lawn, it needs it."

Just like Solastra, she just loved to talked. And if it's anything I've learned in fighting the dictators, mad scientists and world-ruling supervillians, is if the enemy wants to talk, let them.

They're usually too distracted in being caught up in their own ego and their pride, they can't react to a well placed kick to the knees can do.