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> Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Fitness is a different issue, although related.

Totally disagree. Nutrition and your diet have everything to do with your overall fitness level not just some related piece. This is why so many yo yo over and over and over again. They never figure out their eating.


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> I think too many forget that its an actual real neighborhood with people trying to go about their day to day lives and not some movie set.

Exactly.. The guy that bought it doesnt even seem to live there, so he wont have to deal with the day to day issues. 1500 people a day through that neighborhood. 1500... Holy shit. Thats like a small amusement park at that point. I cant even imagine how long it would take you to get back to your house if you had to run out to get something.

I cant recall if it was this house or the breaking bad house. There was a story not long ago that the owner had to keep repairing their roof because people kept throwing pizzas on it. Anyone thinking the 'public' is going to respect those neighbors houses is delusional. People meet their death every year doing stupid shit for a photo and internet points. This will continue to be a shit show for the other neighbors.


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Justin guitar, Marty music on YouTube, Rocksmith 2014(new version is iffy). r/guitar as well are a few I have used learning later in life over the past couple of years. Good luck and yes your fingers will hurt like hell.