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I wouldn’t change jobs based on my experience with Walmart. It wasn’t terrible, but it just isn’t something I’d recommend.

When I worked Walmart (this was about 16-17 years ago, they promised 40 hours but there was always something that kept me from getting it. This is when I was making like $7/hour, so hours mattered a lot.

If I hit 30-35 hours, all the sudden they didn’t need me the rest of the week. Some weeks I’d work 35 some weeks I’d work mid 20’s. This was also back when Black Friday was a thing so I’d be schedules some days until 10pm and then need to be back in at 11:30pm for the next shift.

We were always short staffed. I’d be running paint, toys and sporting goods. We sold shotguns, rifles and ammo as well as hunting licenses, so I had to constant running (literally) between departments because I’d have to call a number associated with ATF for background check, fill out forms, explain to people why the shouldn’t point a loaded gun at me (this is Florida, people are dumb), clean up after kids in toys, as parents let kids use Walmart as a daycare, ride the kids bike around the store with said kids, mix paint, run to the front to handle the cash register when it’d get busy up front, handle the register in sporting goods.

The positive was that everyone I worked with were amazingly nice, including management. Each time someone pulled a gun on me, they always asked me to go home and relax (no one ever pulled a gun on me to threaten), but now that I think of it maybe management was sending them in to get me to short my hours? Again, it’s Florida, people are down here aren’t always the sharpest crayons in the shed.


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I look back at my photos and immediately think that I should have been MORE critical. I was an ugly kid, but fortunately I didn’t remain an ugly kid for too long.

Now I’m an ugly adult.


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Your roof my be new, but there could issues around flashing. If you’re in a snowy area, you could have problems with insulation, where the snow melts on the bottom layer and sits on top of the roof.

Water is going to find a way in. I had a new roof, and both of these issues. Had damage on the ceiling of the bottom floor and around some walls.

That’s just my one experience, and not as an expert. I ultimately made a couple small openings in Sheetrock around the house and monitored because the roof guy was called out 6 times for warranty and refused to come out again unless I could prove it was due to roof damage.

Hoping you get answers from a professional. That shit sucks to deal with and I’m sorry.