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Yeah the wind turbines dont produce electricity until they reach their cut in speed which is around 15 to 20km/h I believe. Then they have a max output, somewhere around 55km/h. They also need to park at high wind speeds or risk getting damaged. You can see this more clearly here:


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No you cant, because I posted them with my account which isnt deleted. I deleted the posts because I got a lot of negative feedback about the fact that I had power on the x axis. I fixed the graphs but had to create new posts as you cant edit your post.


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Wind turbines turn their blades to a full stall position in high wind conditions to prevent damage to the turbine. So if the turbines are not producing electricity at high wind speeds, then more electricity has to be produced using fossil fuels. The wind drought in Germany before Christmas coincided with the coldest weather conditions there this winter.


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I'd like to explain why I am only taking the wind speed in Hamburg. Based on my graph, I believe it is reasonable for someone in Hamburg to argue that if it is not windy there at a given time, then it is very unlikely that Germany as a whole is generating much in the way of electricity from Wind Power. However, if I average out the wind in Germany to produce this graph, then no such claim can be made. Instead it can be argued that if it's calm in Hamburg it is still very likely that it is windy in many other parts of Germany, resulting in lots of Wind Power anyway. Furthermore, if I produce the above graph for Bremen, I get a very similar correlation. So a person in Bremen can make a similar claim as that mentioned above for Hamburg. With regard to Berlin, the correlation is still clear, but not a tight as above.