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From a fuel conservation standpoint (you wouldn't really want the generator running constantly) I'd suggest filling up the bathtub with water and keep a 5-gallon bucket on hand. You can flush the toilet by pouring water into it and this is something that has come in handy in over 30 years of dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes.


I'd recommend using a good cooler (and ice) for food that needs to be refrigerated and freeze anything else. Freezers are usually better insulated than fridges, keep the interior at a lower temperature, and the food being frozen gives you more leeway as to keeping things at a safe temperature. It can be as little as 4-6 hours with your fridge being off before the interior is warm enough for things to spoil.


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If it's had enough movement that it is coming out of the wall slightly then there might be a connection issue if they are using the push in connectors on the back of the socket.

If it were me I would verify the power is definitely off with a multimeter and pull the socket out to make sure the wires are still snug.


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You're only supposed to use that kind of poison inside a dog and child resistant bait station that locks. That's why blocks of rodenticide has a hole in the middle, you slide it onto rods inside of the bait station so the rodents aren't just dragging it off somewhere.

There are treatment options if pumping the stomach is not an option. The vet can administer activated charcoal to help limit absorption, and vitamin k can be injected to help with clotting. In severe cases blood transfusion is an option.