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>The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday announced 16 confirmed listeria outbreak cases have been reported by six states – seven cases in New York, three in Maryland, two in Illinois and Massachusetts, as well as one each in New Jersey and California. The first case was reported on April 17, 2021, with the most recent one reported on Sept. 29, 2022.

And over 6 states. Only cases 7 here in NY. You’re all (likely) fine.


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Oh man, hopping in the wholesome NYC story time. I must have dropped my wallet right outside my car one day after parking and going into work. It was a late day at work. When I finally got out to my car, there was a note on my windshield that said if you lost a wallet, call/text this number. It was actually a bus driver who noticed it when he stopped, and went out of his way to pick it up and leave a note. He was just leaving his bus at the depo in Manhattan but actually lived not too far from me in Queens (Bayside to Flushing). I was sooo lucky and relieved.


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>Airbnb absolutely shit the bed by allowing hosts to fuck around and set exorbitant cleaning fees

AND simultaneously allowing hosts to make wild cleaning and check out rules for the guest to follow. Wtf. Cleaning fee? Fine. But why am I still expected to super clean before I check out? What am I even paying for then?


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>Failing to provide a single-use plastic beverage straw that is not compostable to any person who requests one may violate the reasonable accommodations provisions of Title 8 of the Administrative Code of New York City. This is subject to enforcement by the NYC Commission on Human Rights.