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Many ancient "pagan" structures were treated by subsequent (Christian) generations as quarries. The Giza pyramids were finished of in gleaming white limestone it was entirely stripped off.

The Temple of Artemis at the ancient city of Ephesus, had much of it's marble cladding removed and used in Churches.


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A huge family of gut bacteria are capable of fermenting lactose. They are relatives of our old Friend E.coli.
If you can't digest it they will and when they do they produce a whole lot of gas! It's being forcibly inflated by the gas that causes the discomfort and potential projectile sharting.


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The tree survived all this time for being "useless." The coastal live oaks that grew with straight sturdy trunks and long horizontal branches were all felled and hauled off by British Shipwrights. All of the truly ancient live oaks share this "uselessness."


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I all comes down to what a bear might do in the woods; they do, as does every other living thing that feasts on a salmon run. The fish move tons of nitrogen from the sea to the forests drained by streams. There is ample tree ring proof that dams that limit or destroy salmon runs stunt the growth of forests.