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Second and third order effects.

Johan Cruijff was very intuitive about that. He understood that the ball was the focus point for most, but that the good players understood their position and timing regarding/disregarding it were what made them good.

Seeing it as a static and judging what should have been done is Captain Hindsight territory, but I guess that’s what most commentators and spectators do.


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A power plant can’t be built on rooftops. Rooftops also have less inefficiency from grid transmissions. HEMS however have lower efficiency when battery power is used. Nuclear power plants are open to attacks. So is the software of inverters. It’s a messy calculation, but below the line to me the decentralized solution, with solar energy generated close to where it’s used and excesses stored in EVs is the winning combo.


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Efficiency is about getting more out of the sand amount of surface. If double the surface gives the same amount of electricity, but is 10 times cheaper, the cost per kWh drops by a factor of five.

The cost of solar has come down, because it’s price follow an observed law where a doubling in installed capacity drops the price by 20% (Swanson’s law)

Efficiency is part of that equation, but the efficiency hasn’t gone up that much. It’s mostly production capacity that accounts for the savings.


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Batteries are still expensive, heavy, and motors are energy intensive. While you could replace ballast in sailboats for batteries because you use the engine maneuvering and going in and out of harbors, if you’re only using it a few weeks/weekends a year, I’m not sure it’s worth the transition. I’d stay with diesels for propulsion.

But having on board electricity taken care of by one or two solar panel will make life so much more comfortable on board.

(I’m big on advocating EV driving and home energy management systems, but I just don’t see boats as low hanging fruit right now. However, if you want to, there’s no one stopping you.)