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I work remote and am in Hollis, NH. We got a lot of nature trails and a very active Snowmobile club that helps maintain trails.

Also not terribly far from Rt 3 (Everett Turnpike).

Internet is pretty good, no complaints :)


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Just echoing what has already been said. Banks are terrible join a credit union.

DCU is great, when my now spouse and I first started combining finances we opened a joint DCU account, on the app you can see your personal accounts and joint accounts and transfer funds between them.

It's been over a decade since I opened my account but do look into what you need to open an account, when I did I had to be a resident of a specific towns to open an account (my mother also used to work for Digital back in early 90s so I could have gotten an account that way). I think they changed it so anyone can join but something to keep in mind.


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You have a lot of options from Manchester.

There is the Boston Express bus that leaves from many park and rides, which is free to park and you take the bus into the city.

You could also drive to Lowell and park at the train station, which is not free and take the MBTA in.

Park at the Alwife Station which is very affordable and take the T.


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I 100% work from home for a MA based company. From March 2020 to September 2021 MA was taxing NH residents that were working from home due to the pandemic. As of September 2021 they stopped that emergency policy

I did have to fill out a form with my company saying I worked from home full time and lived in New Hampshire.