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Are you saying there's never been a gay person who's married the opposite sex? Or were they straight when they married their wife and now they're gay? And if that's the case, were they born gay? And if so, how would marrying a woman suddenly make the gay man straight? Or were you assuming someone was straight simply because they're married to the opposite sex? Do you know that marriage has nothing to do with sexual orientation?


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I don't like his example because Martha being his wife has nothing to do with teachers teaching sexual orientation\gender... are they saying that gay people dont\haven't married someone of the opposite gender? Martha being his wife is a verifiable fact with legal documentation (marriage license). He's pretending the teacher is saying, "George Washington was straight, identified as a male, and married Martha because of that" (an assumption) when in reality all the teachers would be saying is, "George Washington was married to Martha" which is a historical fact. Pretending teachers couldn't teach something like who's married to who because that somehow implies sexual orientation is not a good faith argument and is obviously miles away from what this silly lady was intending with her silly bill, which appears to aim to keep that stuff out of the classroom.


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No, dingleberry, my point is that Missourians are generally bad drivers and your stat backs that up. Its literally legal to use the phone behind the wheel in missouri, which can and does lead to more accidents. Anywhere else in the union and you'd get a ticket for driving while distracted. You being butthurt because 'muh statehood' changes nothing. You have no argument other than "nu-uh!" Acting like a simplified fraction is "mashed up stats" to fit my "narrative" only says more about you and the public education system, than it does about my "narrative". Pretending that texting\any cellphone use isn't distracted driving makes me wonder what you classify distracted driving as, not that I care. Let me put it another way, out of 5 tiers for being a shit driver, Missourians are tier 2, with tier 1 being the worst. Get it? The laws that prohibit distracted driving of any kind in MO apply to texting and under 21s, which is a weak law at best. I have no idea how many fatalities you've scraped off the road, but I have more than my fair share, and a very healthy portion of them were people too busy fucking with their phone, their dog, their hair, etc. If you are honestly okay with you and your family being next to people who are distracted driving because "we're 10x better drivers than we should be" is your standard, by all means, live in a dangerous shithole. But I think the rest of us are interested in making it to the destination were going.


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Distracted driving is distracted driving and it's all marked the same on your ticket when you get one, whether you were texting, redditing, or whatever. Mind you, you don't need to cause an accident to get a ticket for that, just like you don't have to cause an accident if you're speeding to get a ticket. At this point I feel like you're purposely not understanding. Is that what you're doing? Do you need someone to talk to?

Edit: and to my original point, Missouri is only one of two states that legally allow you to be distracted behind the wheel and it make Missourians worse drivers. With your own numbers, if there's 5 drivers standing in front of me, the 2nd worst driver there is a missourian (20 out of 50).


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After living in various parts of the country I've determined Missouri drivers to be among the absolute worst. Literally no such thing as a car length of braking distance (sweet a spot to take!), people using the shoulders as passing lanes daily, and don't even get me started on the ENRAGING amount of phone use. In a state where most people have 2.5 brain cells and can't focus on more than one thing at a time, maybe we should try and keep them focused on the road; especially when piloting a couple tons of steel at 70mph. (I was in emergency services and scraping people off the road isn't fun or pretty)

And please, for the love of God, limit the amount of traffic circles because Missourians just can't handle them. I couldn't tell you how many people I've had to wake up\dodge cause they're too busy playing on their effin phone or not yielding or whatever. Even my insurance went up this year and when I called to ask why, they said it's cause Missourians are crashing more, thus higher rates.

I've never seen such terrible, awful, unskilled, dogshit, distracted drivers in my life.... anyway, I feel better after venting, thanks for reading my blog!