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I haven't had the King Gambrinus yet, so I'll definitely try that one next time I go to JG.

I've never been to Man Skirt. I know it's right there, but I've just never made it over. Usually we go straight to Czig and then to Marley's for wings or order pizza from Davila's and then fall into a food coma.

I really think that brewery should change its name to Liquid Haggis or Lion Heart or something like that if they want to keep the Scottish theme.


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The part of Branch Brook Park that's north of Bloomfield Avenue and south of Heller Avenue is really nice. It goes in kind of a circle and the east side of the circle is nicer. The walkway there is really well made and I see lots of walkers, joggers and exercisers whenever I go. Plus you pass some really nice open fields too and can stop and relax on one of the benches to take a break.


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Maplewood and South Orange are VERY LGBT friendly and both have very vibrant downtowns and super cool, creative people. Not as much of a party vibe but more of a close community vibe (especially Maplewood). But there are great bars and restaurants there too. The bonus is you can take the Gladstone train from both towns straight to Berkeley Heights if you don't feel like driving and can get a pickup on the other end.