BavarianBanshee t1_j2etk7k wrote

You just do it the same way you would service solar panels on the moon.

You bring the stuff with you that you need, and have highly trained personnel do it.

And while there's never a 0% chance of a meltdown, with modern reactor designs, they can make it pretty close to 0%. People are quick to think of events like Chernobyl when talking about nuclear power, but that was a very old type of reactor being used in the worst way possible. You can bet people running a much better designed reactor on the moon are gonna take it a lot more seriously.


BavarianBanshee t1_j2esjed wrote

Personally, I'm not buying it, but I'm not an expert. It just seems to me that there is no way in hell they would have six times less mass when making a ring of solar panels around something as large as the moon. It may not be as big as the earth, but that fucker is big; that's gonna take a lot of solar panels.